Vocational training linked to market demands, reduction of unemployment

Author: Czirbik Milán | May 19. 2017.

Increasing the skilled labour force, adapting training to market demands, transferring public employees to the competitive sphere, and reducing unemployment in the county. These key priorities were identified by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hajdú-Bihar County, the Hajdú-Bihar County Government Office, the Hajdú-Bihar County Employment Pact, the Hajdú-Bihar County Self-Government, the Chamber of Agriculture of Hajdú-Bihar County, IPOSZ and VOSZ.

The organizations concerned with these issues discussed in a meeting held at the House of Non-profit Economic Development Organizations on April 4 that while unemployment in Hajdú-Bihar is significant, labour shortages are also a problem to be solved. As well as at national level, it is also our county’s case that demand for well-trained professionals is high, but it is important to transform vocational training to the needs of the market. This would reduce labour shortages in some professions such as welding. The members of the newly formed working group are hoping for further positive progress in public employment.


The Government of Hungary plans to reduce the number of public employees by some 50,000 people this year. In Hajdú-Bihar County, a 20% reduction has already been achieved compared to last year. The plan will be achieved by transferring some of the public workers to the competitive sector, and those who do not have a competitive qualification will be trained to meet the needs of the market.


A forward-looking initiative can also be the mentoring of young people in their career choices, as well as participation in scholarship programs. However, the task to be solved is to provide a suitable place for young people.


The newly formed working group also meets regularly to ensure that a more efficient and effective employment system is set up in Hajdú-Bihar County.