Ukrainian labour, Hungarian value – mini conference about labour market opportunities in the Chamber

Author: Czirbik Milán | May 17. 2017.

Filing domestic workforce shortages, employing Ukrainian citizens, employing skilled workers, unemployment and labour reserves. These topics were discussed among other things by those who attended the road show of “Employment of Ukrainian citizens in domestic sectors with workforce shortage” in the House of Non-profit Economic Development Organisations in Debrecen.

Zoltán Póser, the Vice President of the Economic Service Provider Division of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hajdú-Bihar County and the manager of the EDC Debrecen Kft. held a lecture at the event on 9th May 2017. He talked about the labour market consequences of the developments that were carried out in the city of Debrecen. He explained that unemployment today in Hungary is around 5%, in Győr it is around 2-3%, but in Hajdú-Bihar it is around 8-9%. This means that there is a need for progress in this field in our county. Zoltán Póser also pointed out that Debrecen has a larger population than Western-Hungarian cities, here the wages are lower and we have a higher rate of unemployment.  All this means that the labour force reserve is much larger here, so there are plenty of opportunities for employment.


The vice president explained that the ability of retaining the workforce and the  population in the city centre is good, but the regional retaining power must be increased by creating an attractive, liveable environment and by creating good jobs. The EDC Debrecen City and Economic Development Centre also serves this purpose. The 200 billion HUF provided by the New Phoenix Plan will allow many developments in Debrecen in the coming years, including the development of vocational education and training. The manager of EDC Debrecen also said that efforts to reduce unemployment and to increase skilled workforce are well reflected in the fact that over the last year, 3000 new jobs were created in the city by encouraging investments. The most important tasks are to create a labour market balance and to develop human resources - emphasized Zoltán Póser as a closure.


Szabolcs Puskár, representative of HSA Kft., provided information on their Ukrainian employment agency activities, covering the recruitment and administration of the entire administration. The employers have to provide one hot meal per day and one-time free home-travel a month for the workers. In exchange, reliable workforce is available in the domestic sectors with workforce shortages.