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Two-way development-Italian Business Day was held at the Chamber



Two-way development-Italian Business Day was held at the Chamber

Author: Czirbik Milán | October 05. 2017.

Economic relations between Italy and Hungary have been continuously developing in recent years. Further strengthening and improving of these relations, as well as connecting economic operators to the mutual market are the common goal. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hajdú-Bihar County actively participates in the process of this development. As an Italian InfoPont, it provides the most important, up-to-date and useful information in order to help the county enterprises’ entry into the Italian market and the future establishment of Italian businesses in Hungary. The interested companies had the chance to hear more about the opportunities offered by the Italian Business Day which was organized at the Chamber.

This exceptionally important event was the product of a true partnership. The event was organized jointly by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hajdú-Bihar County, City Council of Debrecen, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary, the Embassy of the Italian Republic in Budapest, Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Cultural Institute. Francesco Mari, the Vice President of The Italian Chamber of Commerce at the press conference on the event, said:” The choice of Debrecen is not a coincidence. The city has excellent cultural values and it is truly committed to the development of Italian - Hungarian relations.”


Massimo Rustico, The Italian Republic’s Ambassador to Hungary in connection with the program highlighted that Hungary is a key partner for Italy, a strategic territory where there is continuous development of economic co-operation. ” The most important issue for every country is attracting foreign capital. Debrecen has remarkable facilities concerning this issue. Italy is now the third largest business partner for Hungary after Germany and Austria. It is extremely important for the Italian financial community to become familiar with the economic opportunities in Debrecen, "explained Massimo Rustico.


According to Dr. László Papp, the Mayor of Debrecen, the city offers attractive opportunities for Italian investors in several areas. "Considering that after the capital, Hungary’s largest and most efficient educational and cultural institution system is established in Debrecen, we can co-operate splendidly with partners in all these areas. We are talking about a two-way process, not just the arrival of Italian capital in Debrecen, but also the access of Hungarian capital and Hungarian products to Italy" emphasized László Papp. 


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hajdú-Bihar County,which also functions as an Italian InfoPont, actively supports these goals. Due to the service, the regional enterprises can receive up-to-date information regarding the Italian market. Moreover, the access to various Italian fairs, interpreting and logistical assistance are also available, just like the operative support associated with the deal. Dr. Éva Skultéti, Secretary General of the Chamber, and Ferdinando Martignago, the President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry signed a co-operation agreement in order to strengthen the intentions of the two parties.


”We are actively contributing to the continuous development of this important diplomatic and business relation. It is over a month now, that we function as an Italian Infopont as well. We would like to spread more and more information to the enterprises. At the autumn Italian fairs, we are co-organizers of the Turin event and we also gather participants, moreover, we trust that the results of the Hungarian research development will also be presented at these meetings.” explained the Secretary General of the Chamber.


In the agreement, the Chambers agreed to mutually inform each other of any relevant material collected from their members,partners regarding the co-operation of the Chambers, such as investment opportunities, third-party appearance, joint action, joint investment opportunities, business offers, catalogs, information materials from other regions.