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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hajdú-Bihar County will have a new corporate identity



The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hajdú-Bihar County will have a new corporate identity

Author: Czirbik Milán

The corporate identity of an organization should reflect the strategy, the philosophy and the mission to the outside world. The renewal of the corporate identity does not suggest the rejection of the previous values but it should express modernization, adaptation to the expectations of the new age and the changes in communication in order to keep up with the constant changes and new challenges of the world.

The corporate identity distinguishes us from others, identifies us, raises trust and reflects the view, the mission. The corporate identity is the sum of all information that the Chamber wants communicate about itself. The elements of these are the organizational culture, including the name, the background (story, self-image), the visual elements (logo, colour, font), organizational communication (letterhead, business card), and external and internal display elements (Interior).


It is the task of the logo to demonstrate, to express it concisely, to convey knowledge and to later

adapt the message on every surface. It has to be unique, simple and comprehensively applicable on every surface. When renewing the image of the Hajdú-Bihar County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we followed these principles. The 167 year-old organization is constantly evolving. It offers new business and partnering opportunities, information resources, vocational training, practical information, familiarizing international clients, meetings and contacts to help members and businesses.


From this year onwards, the Chamber intends to address the companies from a wider range of communication channels. Experience has shown that it is necessary to innovate and develop in this area as well. New channels require new communication principles to which belong renewed visual designs. The message, the Chamber's creed, does not change. The organization, just like before, embraces the challenges and tasks in order to provide support to the companies. It shows direction, creates new opportunities, and helps it to exploit business opportunities both domestically and internationally.


The new design of the Chamber is intended to reflect this objective. The circle shape and the arrow together represent the secure background and the potential for development. It also represents growth, the right direction in which businesses can create a stable economic environment for themselves. The logo indicates that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hajdú-Bihar County is the compass of the economy. A true business partner who can support its members with the services it provides from setting the right direction to the completion of their plans.